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Why Lincoln Reds?

The cattle breeding industry today is faced with a confusing situation.

There are many different breeds all with some claim to be the most desireable breed from some aspect or other. The newer breeds from Europe are noted for their size and growth. The traditional British beef breeds have become synonymous with hardiness, mothering and grading ability.

But to be meaningful, the main distinguishing traits of any breed must add up to a cash profit. Spectacular rates of gain are not so desirable if the animal does not grade well. Nor is exceptional grading ability the answer if the weight is not there to be graded. What is needed in today's industry is a balanced combination of growth, grading ability and economical and efficient upkeep.

In the final analysis, the basic consideration with a breed of cattle is,


The Lincoln Red, with it's characteristic cherry red coat, is the largest Traditional British beef breed, and is outstanding for rapid liveweight gain and early maturity, allied with good carcase quality. It is noted for ease of calving, docility, milking ability and longevity.