Lincoln Red Cattle Society of Australia
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Standard of Excellence

Broad forehead and muzzle, short face, eyes placid and well shielded and an expression indicating intelligence and docility, but alert. The progression towards polled animals is encouraged, but scurs and horns are accepted into the Society. Scurred animals to have a head showing Poll characteristics with the Scurs to be loose on the skin. Horns to be wide in set, clean and white, short in length, with a level slightly inclining curve.

Strong, fitting neatly to shoulders, and of sufficient length to indicate ease of calving characteristics.

Wide, flat and neat, sloping without pointedness, being well covered.

To carry through natural progression from the neck to the underline, tapered when viewed from the front, loose skin with no excessive fat.

Wide across chin, ribs well sprung, with no shallowness behind the shoulders. Heart girth deep, top and underline nearly as possible parallel, with back and loin well covered and rounded, flank thick and deep.

Rumps well filled, but not coarse or pointed, hook bone wide but not prominent, pin bones square to tail, highs deep and low, with breech thick and well carried down, long and level inthe plate.

Level to top line, fitting neatly, strong at the root and finishing with a brush of fine hair.

Placed squarely to the body, short in the cannon bone, muscling carried well down indicating width. Feet large with equal sized hooves, upstanding, wide division characterised by parallel straight sides.

Deep cherry red coat, uniform over body, with pink soft skin.

Vessel well shaped, teats equidistant on four point spacing to the size of the udder.

Evenly shaped, firm but resilient with a minium scrotal circumference of 34 cm at the age of 24 months.Minimum standards apply to young beef bulls in good condition however, it by no means guarantees that a bull exceeding these limits will be satisfactory. Similarly, a bull that fails to meet these standards will sire some calves, but will acheive a lower conception rate than could normally be expected.

Good carriage, carrying head up, having sufficient bone, with a firmly fleshed body.